Lunch menu


At the moment we are very busy with a new lunch menu. A combination of or Eig&wijs menu and vietnamese streetfood. So you can still enjoy a nice cheese sandwich but you can also enjoy
a great pho or a nice banh mi.
Here’s a sneak peek!

Easy but Delicious!

Ossenworst (raw sausage)4,50
Roast beef4,50
Filet americain (with egg + 0,50)5,00
"Healthy" sandwich5,50
Young mature cheese4,00
Herb cheese spread4,00
Old or sharp cheese5,00

Eig&Wijze Sandwiches

Roast beef Deluxe - Served with pesto, lettuce and pine nuts6,00
Smoked salmon - served with cream cheese and lettuce6,25
Homemade tuna salad - served with lettuce6,00
Club Sandwich Salmon - served with smoked salmon, lettuce,
onion, egg and cream cheese
Club Sandwich Chicken - served with marinated chicken, lettuce
tomato, egg, bacon and basil mayonnaise
Spicy Chicken Eig&Wijs - served with marinated chicken, bacon
and lettuce
Ossenworst Eig&Wijs - Raw sausage served with old cheese,
and honey mustard mayonnaise

Warm Sandwiches

Baked ham - served with a honey mustard mayonnaise5,50
Grilled brie - served with honey, pine nuts and arugula 5,50
Grilled goat cheese - served with balsamic vinegar, pine nuts
and arugula
2 Van Dobben croquettes - served with 2 slices of bread6,00
Lunchtopper - ham & cheese, 1 van Dobben croquette and
a fried egg. served on 3 slices of bread
Grilled cheese or ham & cheese sandwich3,50
"Uitsmijter" Fried eggs - 3 fried eggs served on 2 slices of bread5,00
Extra topping: Ham, cheese, roast beef or bacon 1,00


Chicken Eig&Wijs - lettuce, tomato, cucumber, marinated
chicken and bread
Salmon Eig&Wijs - lettuce, tomato, cucumber, smoked salmon
and bread
Beef Eig&Wijs - lettuce, tomato, cucumber, marinated beef
and bread

Vietnamese Sandwiches
‘Banh mi’

Tja Sieuw - marinated pork served with sweet and sour vegetables 6,00
BBQ Chicken - marinated chicken served with sate sauce and sweet and sour vegetables
Lemongrass pork - marinated pork served with sweet and sour vegetables

Vietnamese Lunch Dishes

Goi cuon (2 pcs) - Springroll made from rice paper, vermicelli, fresh vegetables and herbs. Served with hoisin sauce. With beef, chicken, shrimp & pork, Veggie7,00
Nem Ran (4 pcs) - Authentic deep fried springroll made from rice paper. served with fresh lettuce, herbs and fish sauce / sweet and sour sauce. With chicken or veggie6,50
Cha Gio (2pcs) - Crispy springrolls made from filo pastry. served with fresh lettuce, herbs and fish sauce / sweet and sour sauce. With chicken of Veggie4,50
Nem Nuong (3 pcs) - Home-made BBQ sausage made from pork. served with sweet and sour sauce7,50
Hello hanoi plate (2 people) - Mix of starters en fingerfood16,50
Pho - Home-made beef stock that simmered for 8-hours. Served with rice noodles, spices and vegetables. With beef, beef special, chicken or veggie (vegetable stock)13,50

Bites and Fingerfood

Bitterballen "van Dobben" (mini croquettes) - with mustard (8pcs)6,00
Mini cheesebites - with chilli sauce6,00
Mini frikandellen - with mayonaise6,00
Fried chicken wings - with chilli sauce7,50
Home-made chicken nuggets - with chilli sauce6,50